Three Creative E-commerce Solutions That Will Inspire You Today

Since we live an age that revolves almost completely around technology, more than ever before people are using ecommerce websites to do their shopping. And when people shop online, there needs to be something that catches their eye when they open the website, otherwise they would probably move on to the next one. So here are 3 websites for you to visit, observe, and take some inspiration from.

  1. Clay+Bros.

This is the ecommerce website of a company that designs sandals. Since they sandals have to be put on in a specific way, they have decided to add a “how to” guide on their site so as to help their customers, as well as a printable sizing guide that can be downloaded for free and printed which then the customer can try by simply putting the piece of paper on the foot, which helps the customers get an idea of what size they should get. The company has also made sure that their ecommerce website is very easy to navigate. All the action happens on the main page of the ecommerce and the customers are redirected only when they are ready to check out.

  1. Tattly

Tattly is an ecommerce website that is in the business of selling temporary tattoos. This is another company that has chosen to help their customers by putting a “how to” guide and video on their website. In the guide and video they tell customers how to, both, apply and remove their temporary tattoos, while also adding some cool messages like “Remove it? Are you serious? It looks so lovely on you. Ok, Fine!” in the how to remove it section. Something that is very important when running an ecommerce is knowing your audience and these guys have nailed that. The design is very modern with funky touches, which is exactly the thing their audience wants.

  1. Aether

Aether is a company that sells the product named Cone. This is a so called “thinking” music player that can listen to your requests, pick up on your habits and learns your music taste to then create the perfect soundtrack for you. Since this is a pretty fascinating product on its own, it is clear to see why the owners opted for a very gorgeous looking and minimal design when it came to their ecommerce website. The design of the site has a very organic vibe and scheme in which the design of the Cone fits in perfectly. The ecommerce also has a perfectly structured support page that answers a lot of the questions customers might have, form shipping to the Cone’s settings and apps.

Whether is learning that the best thing to do when you are offering a very different product is to go for a “how to” section on your ecommerce website, or that when you have a great product you don’t need all the bells and whistles and you should let the product do all the talking instead of a very complicated page, hopefully going through some of these websites has given you ideas and inspiration on what to do when you are designing your own ecommerce website.


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