We Compared The Best eCommerce Platforms and Found the best Solution for Startup Shops

Ecommerce websites are evolving more and more every day. Since there are new trends that quickly become necessary for all ecommerce startups, it makes sense that online retailers have very high expectations of their ecommerce solution providers. Taking all of these new trends into account, as well as a need to host different business requirements, we have combined 3 of the best ecommerce solution platforms that will enable your online business to sustain itself for years to come.


This is arguably the most popular ecommerce solution platform out there. If you are thinking of launching an online shop or a bricks-and-mortar retail shop and are planning to sell your products online, then Shopify’s simplicity and how easy it is to use can definitely be of great help. Right now it hosts over 300.000 active online shops and its platform continues to evolve, doing everything to meet the ever-growing requirements of owners of online stores. It also offers other benefits such as over a 100 mobile-friendly store themes, allows you to sell your products directly on Facebook, over 1500 plugins and extensions and even a 24/7 live support via chat or phone call.


This platform was launched in 2007 and it has since been a provider to ecommerce solutions to some 250.000 online stores worldwide. It is a free, self-hosted ecommerce platform whose only drawback is that offers somewhat limited features and functionalities. This is a 100 percent free ecommerce solution, and unlike other free ecommerce solutions, its platform is user intuitive. It also offers over 1000 mobile-ready thing party themes and it includes started guides, training, software demo and more.


YoKart is a multi-vendor ecommerce platform that is best suited for business owners that are planning to start their own online marketplace in the style of Etsy or eBay. It has a lot of features, it is mobile-friendly and offers a much more efficient multi-vendor store setup than any other provider that is currently on the market. The platform also has a built-in Analytics tool, offers the same features in all the packages it offers no matter the price, it has a responsive theme and an android marketplace app and more.

Even though the ecommerce arena will continue to grow and evolve with every new trend that comes, these will definitely be the platforms that continue to be the best ecommerce solutions for a long time to come. Make sure to fully evaluate the state of your business and use that as a guide to decide which of these platforms will be the right one for you.

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